An Action Research for Implementing Metacognitive Strategies for Increasing EFL Beginner Learners' Awareness on English Structure in Oral Production in a group of 14 students from Ingles Integrado III at Universidad Técnica Nacional Sede Regional de Guanacaste

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This final project proposes the action research for implementing metacognitive strategies for a group of 14 EFL beginner students in order to improve their speaking skills from Integrated English III at the Universidad Técnica Nacional Sede Regional de Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Learning English as a second language today has become a necessary tool to communicate, over the years English has been involved in accelerated growth. In terms of the process of acquiring a second language, it is important that teachers, as well as institutions, collect valuable information to improve cognitive and metacognitive strategies as well as the methodologies that are required to be applied in classes in order to help learners. Studies have proven that all students learn in different ways, that is, all students have unique colours that identify them as learners, so all students have different characteristics about their cognition, metacognition, psychological, affective and physically in which those differences influence the learning of each individual.
Speaking skills, Learning English as a second language, Learning styles